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The best battery-powered lawn mowers put to the test: and the winner is…


Castelfranco Veneto, May 27th, 2016 - Stiga Combi 40 AE is the best battery-driven lawn mower on the market. The German consumer magazine “ETM Testmagazin” is proclaiming this in their latest edition, where 7 battery-powered lawn mowers of various manufacturers were tested. The comparative test gave brilliant results for Stiga Combi 40 AE and took the ecofriendly lawn mower to a well-deserved first place.


A long-lasting helper

The victory of Stiga Combi 40 AE in the comparative test made by the popular German magazine “ETM Testmagazin”, highlights and confirms Stiga’s ambition to bring innovative and high-quality products to the market. Stiga’s Combi 36 AE also achieved a good position among the six runners-up of international manufacturers, and the two awards strengthen Stiga’s importance on the market.

"In our comparison test of battery-powered lawn mowers, the Stiga Combi 40 AE won a well-deserved first place. The model has a powerful engine which mows medium-high and long grass equally well.” (ETM TESTMAGZIN 06/2016). The editorial staff of the magazine tested and compared the seven lawn mowers for their performance, equipment, operation and safety, and Stiga Combi 40 AE achieved the highest score in almost  every category. The total battery working time of 85 minutes made Stiga Combi 40 AE the most long-lasting participant, which makes it the perfect lawn mower for people who want to mow large areas without breaks. The result of the test highlighted the very good cutting result as well as the comfort of the included mulching plug, and the big wheels which make the lawn mower easier to move on uneven surfaces.


Stiga Combi 36 AE was also praised for its mulching system as well as for its power and easy handling. Together with the Stiga Combi 40 AE, this environmental-friendly gardener has proven that Stiga is a strong brand in the range of battery-powered garden equipment, and that the Stiga assortment is continuously meeting the customers’ requirements and needs.


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