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Stiga Autoclip Robot Mower - The Perfectionist


Sometimes the way to get the best cutting results is to do nothing. GGP presents Stiga Autoclip, the Stiga robot mowers range for gardens up to 1.600 sqm. With sharp blades mowing at high cutting speed, rain sensors, daily mulching for a self-fertilized lawn, and much more. Let’s just say that you will never have to mow your lawn again. Because it is all taken care of – by a perfectionist.

Stiga Autoclip 200 series does not just cut your lawn perfectly, it adjusts the task to your life rhythm so that it is never in your way.

Thanks to its intelligent schedule programming, you can decide when you want to use the garden for yourself, and let the robot work when you plan to be somewhere else.

This way you will always have a perfectly cut lawn and time to actually enjoy it.

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stiga autoclip 200 robot

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