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Coming first, and second too: STIGA’s electric chainsaw gets tested and recommended


Castelfranco Veneto, October 27th, 2015 – Anticipating the consumers’ needs with innovative products, suited for all gardening activities: the mission of the STIGA brand, mirrored in its wide range, has recently proven its validity in a series of quality tests carried out by TÜV Rheinland AG for the German monthly magazine “Selbst ist der Mann”.

Astonishing performances for money

The well-established, well-known DYI magazine published in its latest issue the results of tests measuring different parameters, such as price, power, instructions, practice and laboratory, aimed at discovering the best products in the range of electric chainsaws manufactured by eleven major international brands.

Among them, the STIGA SEV 2416 Q stood out for its outstanding performance, scoring second as the best choice chainsaw out of 11 and getting the coveted “Recommended” label. Great results were reported from the practical tests measuring cutting speed: the STIGA electric chainsaw took, indeed, only 27 seconds to get 5 cuts of fresh beech wood, and just 11 seconds for sawing, under extreme pressure, a piece of 25-cm diameter beech wood, beating the competition in both of these practical challenges. It is worth underlining that Stihl MSE 190C-BQ, the winner of the overall test, took 16” more for the first practice test and 3” more for the second. The panel of experts conducting the tests judged the STIGA chainsaw as a “balanced, very efficient saw with high sawing speed”.

To crown all, the STIGA SEV 2416 Q gained the best result in its price category (under € 200), coming first among the eleven brands, qualifying as the most efficient as well as the best performance for money electric chainsaw in this segment.


Hands-on quality, top reliability

An extremely positive outcome for this model and the whole STIGA assortment of hand-helds; namely, the electric chainsaws, which are becoming more and more popular among the DIY audience – people who need strong, powerful tools which can guarantee high performances and top reliability during gardening activities and outdoor works.
Definitely professional in their features, ideal for sectioning trunks or cutting branches, STIGA’s electric chainsaws are also, if compared to their petrol counterparts, more environment-friendly (generating no exhaust emissions at all) and user-friendly, thanks to their ergonomic and compact design, reduced weight and noise level. Quick and easy to manoeuvre, needing only minimum maintenance, STIGA’s electric chainsaws represent the perfect combination of the brand’s double focus on technological innovation and consumer’s requests.

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