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Contemporary Art with Lawn Mower Robots



Straelen, December 2012 – Three Stiga Autoclip robotic mowers will be appearing as part of the "Closed Circuit Commerce 2012, extended version" installation in the Modern Gallery of the Saarland Museum in Saarbrücken, between the 16th of December 2012 and the 20th of May 2013. They belong to the "Dingsda" exhibition from Eberhard Bosslet. Stiga supplied the battery-powered robotic mowers and equipped them with wireless cameras. The artist set them to travel freely and independently around the exhibition area. The intention is – due to software coded especially for this purpose – to allow them to film, without any subjective criteria, the visitors to the exhibition as they interact with their surroundings. This footage will then be shown on a flat screen TV that will be present in the exhibition area and may influence how the visitors behave.


"Closed Circuit Commerce 2012, extended version"

Eberhard Bosslet is, since 1997, Professor for Sculpture and Spatial Concepts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden and is particularly well known for his outdoor circles of shopping trolleys. For the installation "Closed Circuit Commerce 2012, extended version" he has, for the first time, moved one of his shopping trolley circles indoors and combined it with the robotic mowers. Three Stiga Autoclip robotic mowers of the 700 series were intricately converted to "Robo-Cams" by installing wireless cameras on their front. Thanks to their programming, coded especially for the occasion, the recordings appear objectively. What results is an extremely unusual spatial-material media view which again, acts on and influences the visitors. 

The Autoclip Robotic Mowers from Stiga

The more typical environment for the elegant Stiga Autoclip robotic mowers are lawns of up to 4,000 square meters in size. Convenient and timesaving, the robots trim and mow grass independently. Thereby, they take care of the lawn providing great mulching cut: the grass clippings then fall between the blades onto the turf and there will act as a natural fertilizer. Mowing in several different directions produces optimal results. As the mowers also possess an environmentally friendly Lithium-Ion battery, they function silently, which means that the lawn can be mowed at any time. The battery charging can be done either manually via a socket, or with the help of a charging station that the robot meets independently.


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